J&S Tool, Inc specializes in the reconditioning, modification, and manufacturing of cutting tools, including customized and multifunction tool designs.  Whether in small quantities or high production volume, J&S can develop, grind, or regrind tools to tight tolerances with consistent accuracy.  For fixtures, cutter bodies, and a variety of other custom pieces, J&S also houses a complete machine shop.  In addition to these in house capabilities, J&S offers automated tool crib systems for managing and securing valuable tool inventories.  From basic reconditioning to reverse engineering, J&S Tool, Inc provides unique solutions for all your tooling needs.


J&S Tool, Inc has served multiple industries, developing experimental components and a variety of custom cutting tools and machine parts.  This experience has helped J&S Tool develop & maximize its grinding options and process, allowing creative flexibility as well as efficiency.  In most cases, our experienced technicians produce tools ground to tolerances much closer than specified.  When needed, we can guarantee down to +/-0.0001″.

J&S can advise you in selecting or creating the right tool for your application.  Using advanced technology and equipment, J&S can either manufacture the precise cutting tool needed for complex operations or modify an existing off-the-shelf tool to fulfill your specific requirements.  Our goal is to meet your tooling needs in the most efficient and cost effective way, potentially reducing tool replacement costs or eliminating multiple setups with your machine operations.

Cutting Toolstm326-small

Aided by CNC technology, the experienced tooling professionals at J&S Tool, Inc can repair, regrind, re-tip, sharpen, modify or manufacture virtually any industrial cutting tool. J&S strives to keep up with today’s technology, utilizing the latest generation of ANCA three-dimensional production software as well as AutoCAD LT to optimize performance in the tooling process.  Along with CNCs, J&S has a full range of support equipment for surface and cylindrical grinding, finishing, and roughing as well as seven-axis tool and cutter grinders for advanced finishing.

Automated Tool Crib Systems

In continuing to seek new ways to help clients with their tooling needs, J&S now offers automated tool cribs.  Notably more than just a vending machine, these systems can help you to secure on site tool inventory, effectively manage supplies, and measurably increase cost efficiency.  With options for both large and small tools, as well as accessories and tools requiring insulation, these machines simplify the entire process of keeping valuable tool supplies in house.  There is no contract or monthly fee.  For more information, check out the machines currently available here and/or contact us about our free webinar.

CIMCOOL Metalworking and Cleaning Fluids

J&S can easily accommodate any coolant and cleaning fluid needs you may have. Now a distributor for CIMCOOL, J&S offers a complete line of metalworking and cleaning fluids. With both standard and customized solutions for every type of material and process, CIMCOOL’s Fluid Technology advancements continue to produce superior coolants that are created specifically to improve efficiency and up-time while being environmentally conscious. Whether you’re concern is fluid life, high speeds, corrosion protection, or foam and rancidity control, CIMCOOL has an array of options for every situation. Contact J&S today for coolant solutions for both standard machining as well as any difficult materials or challenging operations.

Machine Shop

J&S Tool’s machine shop can quickly get your design from print to part, creating cutter bodies, fixtures, and a variety of other custom pieces. With advanced machines such as an Okuma Genos L250E, a multifunction lathe that provides both stability and accuracy, and a Hurco VM10 CNC for vertical milling, J&S can work with a wide range of materials and custom specs to produce both basic and unique parts.

Tool Distributiontools-distribution

Over the years, J&S Tool has built strong relationships with a variety of cutting tool manufacturers, distributing off-the-shelf tools and accessories for one stop shopping convenience.  For basic tooling needs, J&S offers an array of end mills, drills, reamers, saw blades, abrasives, and taps.  Additional options are available for work holding, gauging, milling, and turning.  Every product offered through J&S has been selected specifically for its high quality and performance.  The knowledgeable sales team at J&S can help you determine and find the best solutions for your individual needs.   You can also view our distribution section for more information.