J&S Tool, Inc is committed to providing the highest quality industrial cutting tools.  J&S remains in full compliance with industry standards and works closely with clients to ensure any specific project requirements are met.  In most cases, our skilled technicians can spot potential specification problems before any work is started and ultimately provide tighter tolerances than specified.

Maintaining Excellence

J&S Tool considers quality to be a shared responsibility among all team members and holds every step of production to the same level of quality control.  This philosophy both optimizes results and keeps costs as low as possible.  Our Quality Assurance Program outlines a system of checks and balances to ensure that all products will meet or exceed the high standards of J&S Tool and its clients, all of which is documented to ensure continual process improvement. J&S has earned team awards for outstanding support, skills, and customer service.


We maintain top-of-the line tools and equipment for inspection and testing during all significant stages of production. This equipment includes multiple comparators, surface plates, micrometers, calipers, indicators, and gage blocks and pins, all from respected industry brands.  Inspections are handled in a controlled environment, adjusting for variables such as cleanliness, dust, heat, humidity, vibration and any other factors which could affect measurement results.